SLICE (Senior Life Insurance Company Enrollment) was created for you to save time, be more efficient, and make more money. SLICE is an all-inclusive mobile application where you can submit all of your business 100% paperless, view your applications and pending business, and know how much you’re going to get paid and when you’re going to get paid. Welcome to the future, welcome to SLICE.


Senior Life Insurance Company is pleased to present our brand new mobile application Lead’s The Way! Leads The Way is a Senior Life Insurance Company exclusive mobile application that sends you real time notifications when a client calls in to one of our Nationwide TV Advertisements. Leads The Way is perfect for agents who are looking to get the hottest leads known to man, increase their production and make more money. If you are an agent working in the field, the app will open the clients address in maps and take you straight to their front door. If you are a telesales agent, you can click on the phone number and talk the client within minutes of their call. The app also has great features such as an order history so you can track your leads and the commercial embedded in the app, which you can play back to the customer. Download Leads The Way today to have access to new prospects in your market and unlock your true sales potential.

Download the Senior Life Rate Calculator to your mobile device or laptop – Instructions to download are found under Agent Resources - Downloads and Info or hard copies can also be ordered.