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Reilly Life Group represents Senior Life because they go above and beyond to put the success of agents and the satisfaction of our customers at the forefront of our business. 

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Every agent develops a personal preference for the type of lead they perceive to be best. It is imperative that all agents use a mix of all lead types and maintain consistent lead flow. A truck driver would never be able to make a living if he did not invest in the gasoline to drive his truck. A Final Expense Sales Agent will never achieve financial success without a consistent lead flow. Working your personal network can supplement leads and reduce lead cost, but will never provide enough income to stop taking leads

Sales Support
  • 1-on-1 Field Training with an experienced producer provided by Reilly Life Group.

  • Ongoing coaching on best sales practices provided by Reilly Life Group.

  • A local mentor, regional agency and Home Office are all able to assist with all sales and underwriting inquiries. You’ll never have a question go unanswered.

  • Literature and visual aids to assist the presentation.

  • Lead Financing Available

  • Next day Commissions

  • Health & Dental insurance benefits are available for qualifying producers.

  • Exotic incentive trips, production contests and bonuses.


I came to Senior Life Insurance Company solely for the opportunity, for my team, my family, and the ability to take care of clients. So many people do this business the wrong way and I felt that Senior Life Insurance Company did it the right way

-Josh Reilly


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