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Senior Life Insurance Company

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Our Process

What We Do

First and foremost, we are agents just like you. That’s right – our partner, Senior Life Insurance Company, is led by agents. Not lawyers, actuaries, accountants, financial gurus, or anyone else that has never sold a life insurance policy. Agents are the most important individuals here, and without agents, we wouldn’t exist.

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Our proven 

Our system is so easy that anyone can follow it. With this system, you can build a rewarding career, have the option to work from home, and help families across America secure peace of mind. There’s no experience required, and our Home Office is here to help you during every step of the way.

Flexible schedule. No cold calling involved. Yes, it’s really this simple.


Take Leads

Make Presentations

Make Money



By working with Senior Life, you don’t have to worry about calling friends or family to make sales.

We instantly provide our agents with the highest quality final expense leads on a daily basis.


The moment a customer calls us, you are alerted through our groundbreaking technology.

Let us bring customers to you today.

No cold calling involved.

Our Tech


We provide you with a sales process that walks your client right down to the close. This system is effortless, error-free, and so simple that any agent could complete it, regardless of experience. Same-day pay eligibility is included for your convenience.

All at your fingertips.


All in five minutes or less.


Make Money

Earn what you’re worth.

This business can take you to whatever level you choose — if you’re willing to work for it. Neither of our founders have a college degree, but they have achieved success with hard work in this industry. That’s what’s so great about final expense. No matter what background you have, whoever works the hardest is the one who earns the most. It’s that simple.

Are you ready to make a difference?



Friends, family members, neighbors — invite everyone to follow this proven system with you. Start with just the power of five people. Help those five people hire five more. Continuously expand your team. Watch your income grow as you help others get what they want with Senior Life Insurance Company.

Discover The Advantages of Building Your Team

“When you build your agency, your income can explode exponentially. The sky is the limit.”

— Ron Powell, Senior Life Insurance Company President

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